Part of our Natural Beauty chapter

Shake things up and let new energy inspire you. Symbolising the movement of water as you make emotional waves - positive actions ripple through time encouraging more to follow - this sterling silver and 9ct gold collection also contains a touch of rare Welsh gold. Featuring natural white topaz, make a statement as you chart a different course.

Ripples Choker Necklace
Ripples Double Hoop Pendant
Ripples Triple Band Ring
Ripples Triple Circle Bracelet
Ripples Half Hoop Earrings
Ripples Triple Hoop Pendant
Ripples Double Hoop Drop Earrings
Ripples Double Hoop Creole Earrings
Ripples Cross Over Ring
Ripples Diamond Pendant
Ripples Diamond Bracelet
Ripples Diamond Earrings
Ripples Diamond Ring